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Swimming, Fishing, Hiking, or camping? Or all of it! The kids won't get worn out too soon with all the great adventures they will have. 

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​​​Call us at: (417) 935-2092

Fisherman's Paradise, Live Music, Camping And R/v Camping


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Do you have memories of camping with your family as a kid? At Jack's Mountain we can make it happen!

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Just the two of you? Just friends? That's Great!

Whether it's some good fishing or great Music you and your friends will have a great time without the kiddies!

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Want to tell the Tale? "It Was This Big"

Pat and Marty Can...

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Explore the possibilities! We can host Music Venues, weddings, retreats, reunions, Swap Meets... Anything you want at Jack's Mountain!

Lots to do for Families!

You can start a great adventure out here, all you have to do is show up and begin the fun filled days you'll never forget!